Windows 10 Top Keyboard Shortcut Key

Windows 10 Top Keyboard Shortcut Key

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut: Computer or other electronic devices one of the most benefited things are, those devices help our work to stay simple and get it early what we should not do it without Electronics Devices. The computer is one of them. Who actually Steps up our preservation work. Officially or Homework, by the way, the computer makes our life straight and simple. Computer Operator System Windows 10 has got many shortcut system to do work of Computer work early and simple. Today we will talk about the most useable shortcut of Windows 10.

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut

Windows 10 keyboard shortcut has govt many types. But we can divide those shortcuts into 5 main parts. Essential shortcuts, Desktop shortcuts, File Explorer shortcuts, Command Prompt shortcuts, Windows key shortcuts. But today we will Talk about basic some shortcuts in mixed what would help you to shootout your work.


  • Select Text- Ctrl + A: Sometimes we need to select all page text. If we use the mouse catsuit its gets us more time to get. So we can use this shortcut and Select all Text simply.
  • Copy Text- Ctrl + C: Some times we need to copy some text what we want to copy. Also some topics we try to copy and paste. So if we manually do this it will show much time.


  • Delete Text- Delete & Backspace: Maybe you can say that you know what is the main purpose of Delete/Backspace. But it’s wrong. Delete Button mainly deletes the text from the front and the Backspace button deletes the text from the backside.

  • Switch Different Tab- Alt +Tab: IF you open different programs or applications on your computer and you want to switch that application one by one then you can use this shortcut.

  • Shutdown- Alt + F4: 80% of computers shut down their computer to use the start menu. If you want to do this very fastly you can use this shortcut.


  • Jump to Desktop- Windows+D: Sometimes we need to jump instant into the desktop option for new or some important other work. One by one all program we can’t close coz its need more time or we don’t want to close another program. Then we use this shortcut.

  • Save File- Ctrl + S: Any type of File if we need to save to our drive or somewhere we need to go manually to time-wise. so if we use those shortcut we can easily save any kind of file.
  • Open New File- Ctrl + N: sometimes when we used Ms Program like Ms Office, Ms Excel then if we need to work on a new page. And if you want to do the old one also then we can use this shortcut.

  • Open Old File- Ctrl +O: Think somewhere in your computer you save a file what you need urgently if you use this shotcut you can easily open that file.

In Conclusion: Why we actually use shortcuts? to wark fast and do the best way a work what we need. In this article we provide you. the best topic of shortcut what we usually use in our Computer and Laptop. In the future, we will talk more shortcut like those what should you need to know for better Experience of your Computer




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